Sandbag Carry Training

Sandbag Carry Training

Sandbag Carry

Percentage that Burpee: 5%

Skills needed:

  1. Grip Strength
  2. Hip Mobility
  3. Core Strength

Muscles worked:

  1. Wrist flexors and fingers
  2. Rhomboids and scapular stabilizers
  3. Core
  4. Hips
  5. Calves and feet

Most Important Exercises:

  1. Weighted Carries
  2. Walking Lunges with offset loads.

Tips for Success:

Practice carrying heavy objects, such as rocks logs you find on your trail runs and hikes and do so up steep inclines to prepare for the demand of the race. Come race day, you may have unforeseen expectations, fatigue or even cramping that you’ve not before experienced so be sure to carry the most awkward loads possible and vary your technique consistently between the one shoulder technique, to the stomach/bucket carry, to overhead carries to truly be prepared for anything.